“Thanks very much for your great insight on color and ideas for our Radio Studio!  It’s great and we appreciate, with our very busy schedule, your working with us via iPads and online! ” 
– Hal W., Prepared ALHWays, Malabar, FL

So what do you if you are not home in the Brevard County Florida area?  Maybe it’s because you are traveling a lot these days, or maybe you are among the thousands who enjoy life in the North over summer months and return to the warmth and sunshine of Florida for the winters.  Often, Rebecca’s clients recommend her to their friends and family who are out of the area and, sometimes, she is called in to help with a Floridian’s “second home” out of state.  Whatever reason, thanks to today’s excellent technology, Savannah Hills Designs can help you wherever you are!

Virtual Design by Savannah Hill DesignToday, Rebecca finds herself more and more invited to help with design consultation via the “World Wide Web” – and with the great technology of iPads, computers with video camers, and even just good “old-fashioned” emailing of photos and information, Rebecca is helping more and more clients get the excellent service and value they deserve – regardless of their physical location.

Virtual “Makeovers” and Virtual “Design” is a rapidly growing component of Rebecca’s business these days – and the very fact that you are reading this on your computer screen, is a great indicator that, via technology, Rebecca and Savannah Hill Design can look forward to helping you too!

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