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Who is “Savannah Hill”?

Actually, nobody, at least that I know!  I have always loved the city of Savannah, and being a “Georgia Peach” (I was born in Atlanta).   My heart is in Savannah for many reasons.  My mother was born in Macon, grew up in Savannah, and married in Savannah at Independent Presbyterian Church (the steeple featured with the feather at the beginning of the movie, “Forrest Gump”).  I’ve been back to visit with delight many times–it’s people, southern charm, hospitality and sights have delighted me through the years.

My Grandparents lived near the Savannah River and lived on a tract of land called Depthford Hill.  It wasn’t until after I named my business that my Mother send me an article about this area of land on which my grandfather built their home. It was cool that the “Hill” part of my business name actually had a link (again) to my Mother’s past.

As a side note, during one of our visits to Savannah, we were trying to find the area where my grandparent’s home once was, and there was beautiful tall wisteria growing in the wild.  Mother’s comment was, “Oh, look! There’s “the” wisteria! I know we are in the right area! Your Grandfather planted wisteria so that it would shade the porch from the heat when the boys would come home from the war for dinner at our home.” Yep, we found the right area.

What are your services and charges?

Design Services:
Design Time:  $60/hour. 
1/2 Day makeovers:  Starts from $400.
Shopping Time: $60/hour (includes designing with or without you)

If there is a way I can save you money, I will! For example, I’m very familiar with the “ready made” market for window treatments. I know where to shop and also have  hardware vendors to make your ready mades look custom! I may be able to use your exisiting window treatments and embellish them, in some way, making them look completely different! I custom design every window. I never repeat designs in the same fabrics.

Expect the first in-home appointment to be 2 hours and please write a list of what you’d like to cover. We discuss your concerns and I want to make sure I have addressed all of your concerns.

Home Staging Services:
Detailed Home Staging Report: $250 (No moving of furniture).
Hands-on Home Staging: Starts from $500 (includes ‘after’ pictures)

What is a One-Day or Half-Day makeover and what can I expect?

This is one of the most pleasurable and memorable parts of my job. To see the amazement in a homeowner’s face when they come back into the room and see the changes.  You choose the area(s) you’d like me to make over.  I will meet with you and discuss with you what your needs for the areas are.  I may go ‘shopping’ in the rest of your house to repurpose various pieces and I’ll move furniture around (with your permission beforehand) and do my magic! The room will feel like a whole new space.

How do you Stage my home?

Stage 1: The initial stage is meeting with you in your home and allowing me to walk through each room and leaving with you a detailed STAGING REPORT.  This is from the curb to the back fence.  I will recommend various things which will benefit the sale of your home.  I have lots of experience knowing what buyers look for and how to turn their heads in YOUR house.

Stage 2: This is the fun part!  I will move furniture and totally change the way the room feels. This is truly the exciting part and the part of staging that ‘turns heads’.

Additional accessories are brought to your home and added to the overall design.  The “after’ pictures are then taken and sent to your realtor (or you) for MLS or website listings. These accessories are available for lease, per month until your home sells. They do truly add the finishing touch to the rooms.

Who needs these services?

Actually EVERYONE!  It may be a small project with a small budget, ideas, a room that needs to ‘feel better’ either in color, room flow, or maybe you don’t even know WHAT it needs but it isn’t what you want it to be. Most people do not know what they want but they are very definite about what they don’t like!! Whether it’s a consultation on a room color or as big as consulting with the Melbourne campus of BCC (on Post Road) for their changeover of color from ‘battleship gray’ as it has been affectionately called.

Can I really afford you?

Of course!! I actually help you save money.  Together we work on a long term plan so you have a direction in your purchases. Most people work in ‘stages’ and call me back after they finish a room or stage.   I work within YOUR budget, YOUR tastes, YOUR timeline.  YOU are the boss!

How can staging help sell my house?

In a market like this, you cannot afford not to.  Not only because other (smart) sellers are staging their homes but because it will help sell your home in less time and for more money.

Secondly, over 90% of savvy buyers are looking to the internet before they drive down your street.  They want to see pictures. You house MUST look it’s best through staging to make the best first impression.

Thirdly, staging a house before it’s appraised has often resulted in higher appraisals.  A true fact.


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