Can we say thank you enough for such an outstanding job? We LOVE, LOVE, LOVE not only the window treatments but everything you have done. God has blessed you with an artistic talent and me with a dear friend.”  
– Melanie S. Viera, FL
“Thank you for your patience and expertise. I am so VERY happy with the outcome.” 
– Peggy R., IRCC, Viera, FL

If you live in the Melbourne Beach or Cocoa Beach areas, then you certainly can appreciate the value of having well thought out window treatments.  Too much sunlight and your furniture will fade.  Too much curtains covering your windows and your magnificent Florida oceanfront view is obstructed.  The right window treatment is a balance of finding the right fabric and style that fits your Central Florida lifestyle.

100X70 Windows


Rebecca listens to your needs and pay attention to other very important issues such as acoustics, privacy and light control.   Selecting the right custom window treatments is made easy with Savannah Hills Custom Designs.

Window treatments are not only beautiful but serve functional purposes as well.  See the Windows video for more information.

Our extensive collection of window treatment fabrics has selections to fit every budget and every style of home from typical Florida beach house style to a grand mediterranean villa. Call us today to set an appointment for a custom window treatment consultation today!  It’s more affordable than you might think!

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